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What We Do

Threatened and Endangered Species Investigation

The presence of state or federally protected threatened or endangered species can significantly affect the way a project is designed and implemented. EcolSciences routinely conducts background analyses and field surveys for protected species. EcolSciences' staff is skilled in the field methodologies and reporting requirements that characterize a rigorous field study. EcolSciences has implemented a number of the largest threatened and endangered species studies in New Jersey, some involving multi-year trapping, radio-tracking, and call-playback surveys. Several of EcolSciences' staff members have been officially recognized by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service as Qualified Bog Turtle Surveyors in multiple states.


EcolSciences has experience providing the following services:

  • Habitat Suitability Assessments

  • Preparation of Sampling Protocols

  • Mark-Recapture Surveys

  • Radio Telemetry Surveys

  • Drift Fence Surveys

  • Bat Acoustic Studies

  • Ornithological Surveys

  • Invertebrate Studies

  • Botanical Inventories

  • Pollinator Habitat Assessments

  • Vernal Pool Surveys

  • Venomous Snake Studies

  • Bog Turtle Phase I, II, III Surveys

  • Construction Monitoring / Oversight

  • Regulatory Negotiations

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