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What We Do

Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping

In the past decade, GIS computer software has evolved to the point that it has become an essential tool in environmental studies. High altitude aerial photography and data layers available from federal and State regulatory agencies are geographically-referenced to produce maps depicting a wide-range of environmental features such as geology, wetlands, surface waters, threatened and endangered species habitat, cover types, etc. for a specific location. The information displayed on these maps and the databases embedded in the layers are used to assess potential impacts of major development. EcolSciences is an expert in the use of GIS and routinely uses this tool to analyze and present data.

EcolSciences Routinely:

  • Performs preliminary reviews of existing site conditions

  • Prepares vegetative cover and land use maps following ground-truthing

  • Assesses habitat suitability for threatened and endangered species

  • Evaluates relationships between environmental data

  • Presents the results of site-specific studies in clear format

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