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Who we are


EcolSciences, Inc., was founded in 1973 in response to the growing need for responsible environmental planning, as mandated by NEPA, The National Environmental Policy Act. EcolSciences specializes in performing environmental and ecological investigations relating to permit acquisition and regulatory compliance, demonstration of "due diligence", waste management, impact analysis, mitigation and remediation. EcolSciences' strength is a proficiency in current environmental laws, regulations and policies, coupled with a practical problem-solving approach to analyzing the environmental consequences of projects.

EcolSciences circa 1991

EcolSciences' interdisciplinary staff of environmental engineers, geologists, biologists, and scientists has extensive experience in a diversity of studies related to biological assessment, hazardous materials management, site remediation and brownfields redevelopment. EcolSciences has performed environmental assessments and has acquired appropriate permits and approvals under a wide variety of federal, state, regional, and local jurisdictions. EcolSciences' staff is experienced in the delivery of expert testimony and has testified in public hearings, Superior Court, Administrative Law proceedings, and county, regional and municipal planning boards.

EcolSciences is actively involved in the redevelopment of former industrial and underutilized properties, often referred to as Brownfields Redevelopment. In addition, as the demonstration of "due diligence" has become a lending industry standard, EcolSciences has completed numerous Phase I environmental audits and follow-up Phase II studies to clarify the level of environmental risk and liability associated with past and current practices at a particular site or facility. The majority of EcolSciences' senior staff involved with site remediation activities are NJDEP Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRP).


EcolSciences 2018

The biological staff of EcolSciences has conducted thousands of wetland delineations and environmental assessments throughout the eastern and central portions of the United States. Our staff is skilled in all technical aspects of wetland identification and delineation methodologies; the assessment of development-related wetland impacts; the acquisition of wetland permits; and the development and implementation of mitigation plans. Additionally, EcolSciences' biologists routinely perform specialized studies related to threatened and endangered plant and animal species, wildlife habitat surveys, and the assessment of development-related impacts. The majority of Ecolsciences' senior staff involved with ecological studies are Professional Wetland Scientists (PWS).

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