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What We Do

Solar Arrays Studies

Freedom from dependence on foreign oil and sustainable sources of clean energy are hallmarks of Federal and State mandates for America's future. These mandates have brought new land use challenges as sustainable energy plants are intrinsically land intensive. Although special considerations have been given to clean energy projects, the myriad of Federal and State land use regulations are oftentimes at odds with the ultimate goal of energy independence and sustainability. EcolSciences' expertise has kept pace with assessing the land use requirements of newly emerging technologies and we stand ready to support our clients in the planning, design, and permitting of clean energy projects.

EcolSciences' Clean Energy services include:

  • Power Plant Site Assessment Studies

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping

  • Wetlands Delineations and Permitting

  • CAFRA, Waterfront Development, Pinelands, and Highlands Authorizations

  • Threatened and Endangered Species Studies

  • Phase I Environmental Assessments

  • Preparation of Remedial Action Workplans (RAW)

  • Remediation of Soil Contamination

  • Preparation and Implementation of Health and Safety Plans

  • Negotiations with Regulatory Agencies

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