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What We Do

Brownfields Redevelopment

Revitalization of older industrial properties is a major focus of developers, particularly in urban areas where land is in short supply and has likely been affected by contaminants from past operations. EcolSciences is the environmental consulting firm of choice for major brownfields projects in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Brownfields services include:

  • Preliminary Assessments and Site Investigations (PA/SI)

  • Preparation of Remedial Action Workplans (RAW)

  • Preparation of Ecological Evaluations (EE)

  • Groundwater Investigations and Classification Exception Area (CEA) development

  • Remediation of soil, groundwater, sediment, and surface water contamination

  • Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) oversight

  • Response Action Outcome (RAO) regulatory approvals

  • Preparation and implementation of health and safety plans

  • Environmental supervision and inspection during construction

  • Post-remedial sampling, monitoring and reporting

  • Preparations and implementation of USEPA-compliant risk based, self implementing, and performance based plans

  • Negotiations with regulatory agencies

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