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B.A., 2021 – Earth Science
The College of Arts and Sciences,

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Areas of Expertise 

Regulatory Assessments and Constraints Analysis

Wetland Delineations & Regulatory Review

Threatened & Endangered Species Monitoring


Summary of Experience

Mr. DiGiovanni is an Environmental Scientist with EcolSciences, Inc. and previously interned with the company during his final year of undergraduate studies. He has professional experience with wetland and stream delineation; environmental permitting and monitoring; GIS mapping; and regulatory reviews.


In addition to his professional experience, Mr. DiGiovanni is a frequent volunteer. During the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic he offered his assistance to a local farm where he would become familiar with handling livestock and regenerative agriculture. He also became involved with a homegrown effort to protect his town parks in ecologically sensitive areas, directing environmentally based restorative efforts to remove invasive species, reintroduce native species, and raise community awareness of ecological issues through youth education.

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