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B.S., 1987 - Environmental Planning and Design

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J.

Areas of Expertise 

SWPPP Preparation and Inspection

Environmental Health & Safety Inspection and Monitoring

Site Plan Review and Inspection

Landscape Architecture


Professional Certifications 

Certified Preparer – Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Certified SWPPP Compliance Inspector

OSHA 40-Hour Hazardous Waste Workers Certification

OSHA 8-Hour Supervisor's Certification

OSHA 10-Hour Construction Certification

NJ State Safety Council Practicing Safety Professional Certification

Summary of Experience

Mr. White is EcolSciences’ Senior Environmental Health & Safety Officer whose responsibilities include oversight of EcolSciences’ Environmental Health & Safety Program and oversight of one of the largest Brownfield redevelopment projects in New Jersey.  Mr. White’s corporate responsibilities include the preparation of the Corporate Health & Safety Plan, development of an in-house health and safety training program, training instructor, and oversight of company-wide environmental health and safety projects.  Since 1994, Mr. White has been the onsite Environmental Health & Safety Officer at the Port Imperial North and South redevelopment area, a mixed-use development that will ultimately include 6,500 residential units, two million square feet of commercial space, recreational areas, and transportation hubs, which encompasses approximately 200 acres along 2 miles of the Hudson River waterfront.  Port Imperial was created as filled land for railroad use in the late 1800’s and historic uses have resulted in a number of environmental concerns, including chromate waste, aboveground and underground storage tanks, and soil contamination with petroleum, coal tar, PCE, and PCBs related to former railroad operations. Mr. White’s responsibilities at Port Imperial include oversight of all earthwork activities associated with remediation and general construction, environmental monitoring, SWPPP inspections of active building pads, and tracking of all import materials and waste streams.  One of Mr. White’s key roles is coordinating with the client, site supervisors, and trades to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and guidance and acting as a liaison between the client and different agencies including NJ Department of Environmental Protection, US Environmental Protection Agency, Coast Guard, the Soil Conservation District, and municipal health departments and construction agencies

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