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B.A., 2004 – Liberial Studies

Thomas Edison University

Trenton, New Jersey

A.D., June 1997 - Liberal Studies - Landmark College, Putney, VT

September 1998-May 2001 - Environmental Studies – University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

Areas of Expertise 

Construction Permit Compliance

SESC and SWPPP Plan Preparer and Inspector

Wildlife Habitat Assessment

Wildlife Identification

Wildlife Handling

Environmental Education


Professional Associations 

Executive Director, Princeton Avian and Reptile Rescue

Alliance of New Jersey Environmental Educators

Certified Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Preparer

Certified Compliance Inspector of Stormwater

Summary of Experience

Mr. Goldman spent eight years as an Environmental Educator in the state of New Jersey with various non-profits, school systems and government agencies before moving to EcolSciences, Inc. in 2012.  His time as an educator provided him with extensive experience handling native wildlife, as well as extensive knowledge of the native ecosystems of NJ.  He has extensive field experience, as well as specialized, up-to-date education in natural resource and ecological studies, wildlife and habitat management, as well as environmental policy. As a Senior Environmental Inspector with EcolSciences, Inc., Mr. Goldman has specialized environmental inspections of linear construction projects, as well as wetland delineations, wetlands permitting, and threatened and endangered species studies.

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