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B.S. 2012 - Environmental Conservation (Cum Laude)

Minor in Fresh Water Resource Management

University of New Hampshire

Durham, New Hampshire      

Areas of Expertise 

Threatened & Endangered Species Survey & Studies

Transmission Vegetative Maintenance Compliance & Management

Construction Monitoring & Management

Wetland Delineations & Regulatory Review

Geographic Information System Software Projects


Professional Certifications 

Wetland Professional in Training  - Society of Wetland Scientists

Wetland Delineation Certificate – Rutgers University OCPE



Professional Associations

Volunteer, New Jersey Land Conservancy

Member of the Society of Wetland Scientists

Summary of Experience

Mr. Laue is a Senior Environmental Project Manager with EcolSciences, Inc. He has professional experience in threatened and endangered species surveys and monitoring, the delineation of wetlands, the management of federal, state and local environmental law and associated permit generation. As an environmental project manager with EcolSciences, Inc., Mr. Laue is involved in threatened and endangered species presence/absence surveys, habitat evaluations and construction monitoring activities, as well as wetland and water quality monitoring services during the construction of infrastructure and the assessment of soil stratum, hydrologic and vegetative characteristics of ecological habitats. Mr. Laue also creates maps, figures and tables using GIS software in aid of environmental studies and services and prepares permit applications for General Permits, Letters of Interpretation, Hardship Exceptions and Individual Permits in accordance with the New Jersey Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act.

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